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Supplying Artwork

Product specific artwork information is provided with all products in the eBay listing or on the product page for mousemats, coasters, countermats, etc. Please refer to this before creating and supplying artwork.

We are here to help - If you are unsure if your artwork is suitable please send it to us with details of the size & type of product it is to be printed on and we will advise suitability.

Things to note when supplying artwork

  1. Quality - Poor artwork will produce poor print results! Try to supply all artwork at a minimum of 300dpi at size. To check the quality on screen, enlarge a small area of your artwork to actual size on screen, if it appears fuzzy or pixelated on screen it will produce a poor quality print. This is especially important when supplying artwork for larger signs, banners, etc.
  2. Shape - Artwork should be supplied at the correct size and shape for the product ordered e.g. Square artwork will appear stretched if printed on a rectangular sign.
  3. Colour - Be aware printed colours may not match those displayed on your monitor as screens are backlit and colours appear brighter and more vibrant than printed colours. Our printers are regularly and professionally colour balanced to give consistent and accurate industry standard results, please note that these may vary from colours printed on an uncalobrated desktop colour printer.
  4. Check your artwork - Remember to check your artwork thoroughly, proof read it carefully checking for spelling mistakes and content before sending it to us. Make sure that tel no's, email & web adresses are included (if required) and correct.

Artwork should be supplied in one of the following formats

Sending Artwork

Before sending any artwork please make sure you include your details and product details so that we know what the artwork is for!

email files up to 20mb - [email protected] or

upload large files to our Dropbox - CLICK HERE

Artwork Alterations

Once an order is placed we are happy to do minor alterations to your artwork, where possible free of charge, however more time consuming alterations may incur additional costs, these will be notified to you before proceeding. All alterations will be proofed for your approval prior to production.


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